Challenge: Indulge in a Little Self-Care

BLOG / Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Some days life can really get you down.

For me personally this results in; exhaustion, being emotional, irrational anger or sadness, bad skin, loss of or increase in appetite, oversleeping/lack of sleep, etc.

For this reason, and the ever increasing frequency of stressful days, I have developed several go-to self care techniques.


My challenge for you is to;

Relax, indulge, decompress, veg, whatever you call it. Take some time for YOU this week!



Blanket Nest


Snuggling up under a huge, cozy blanket (or 3) with pillows caressing you on every side, so comfy, relaxing and the (often) resulting nap is a great re-energizer.

I strongly recommend using a few types of blankets for ultimate coziness, and the fluffiest pillows you can find. My favorite combo is a down comforter topped with a heavy quilt topped with something fuzzy so when I tuck in and snuggle down its light as a cloud around me, soft on my face and super warm and toasty!




I am a big fan of non-fiction but in this case, ditch the facts and escape on a fictional adventure. This is when I tend to break out the Linda Lael Miller romances and savor the love story unfolding or pick up a thriller to keep my occupied (and likely up to late) for the evening.


Bath Bombs


Any bath will do, but I assure you the bath bomb makes it even more luxurious! Grab a lavender, lilac, mint or aloe bomb and allow yourself to become mesmerized by the spinning ball of beautiful, delicious smelling, skin moisturizing heaven as it is released into the steaming hot bathtub.

I really suggest searching for a local vendor to buy your bath bombs. Yes, you can buy them at any bath and body store and even most drug stores but I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to shop small and support local vendors. If you are more of a shop online kind of person then check out what’s offered on Etsy and if you really cannot be swayed, these are a great go-to as well.

Dinner and a movie


I do this probably once or twice a month- its very relaxing and helps me refocus. I find a night when I can be home completely alone, find a movie that appeals to me (usually something sappy and girly), order your favorite food for takeout (Chinese, sushi, a yummy specialty pizza, maybe just snacks from the store, etc.), open a bottle of wine and completely veg out. I have been known to end this type of evening in a wine-tipsy, food coma. It’s fabulous and great for the soul.




Yes, this could tie in with the luxurious bath but it can be something different altogether. When I think of pampering myself I imagine this; a hot shower, a leave in conditioning hair mask, getting out and massaging lotion or argon oil over every inch of skin (paying special attention to elbows, knees and my often neglected lower back), doing a mud mask, filing and painting my nails, etc. I always end up feeling refreshed, clean and pretty.

Go for a drive


This doesn’t work for everyone, some people actually find this to add stress. It’s up to you to decide whether this relaxes you and brings you peace or causes unnecessary stress and requires alternative self-care to recover. I most enjoy going for a drive when the air is cool, but not cold; the sun is out and shining, a book beside me in case I find a particularly peaceful spot to pull off and read, snacks and caffeine to keep me awake and happy, and sometimes music. Where I live there is a gigantic web of roads surrounded by endless fields and forests just outside city limits, perfect for aimless driving.

Indulge in self-care as often as you are able.

You cant overdo it when it comes to caring for your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Enjoy!

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